Facts You Should Know About Water Filtration Systems | Flagstaff, AZ

Investing in water filtration systems is worthwhile. More than 25 million Americans consume unsafe water supplies. Most people carry home gallons of bottled water every week.

Even if you donate the bottles, very few are recycled; for instance, for every 167 bottles, only 38 are recycled. The ‘ban the bottle campaign’ is making slow but sure progress in providing alternatives to clean drinking water.

If you are concerned with the quality of your drinking water, you’ve probably thought of having a water purification and cleansing system. Getting acquainted with water filtration systems can be a good idea before you buy.

You might not be sure about the type of system to purchase or the maintenance they need. Not to worry; here are things you should know about the system and the benefits they offer.

There Are Different Types of Filtration Systems

Most homeowners in Flagstaff, AZ, know about the cartridge water filtration systems. But, there are several other different makes and models available on the market depending on property type, budget, home needs, and water supply. They include mechanical, ion exchange, reverse osmosis, and absorption filters.

Some of these systems use more than one technology. Before making a purchase, a water filtration expert should assess your individual needs before recommending an ideal unit.

You Should Get Your Water Tested

Before getting any water filtration system, your water should get tested first. You cannot solve a problem without clearly understanding what you are dealing with.

To get your water tested, you can receive help from your municipal water provider. If you notice something nasty with your water, for instance, color change, taste, or odor, don’t hesitate to report the issue and get help.

It Can’t Solve Everything

If there is any fact that you need to be fully aware of is this one. As simple as it sounds, no water filter can completely deal with all the types of impurities in your water.

Although UV filters are known to have a high capacity for targeting microorganisms, they only kill particular microorganisms and not all contaminants. So, you can consider using UV systems in combination with other filtration units, as it may be necessary if you deal with this contamination issue.

For instance, sediment water filtration systems will remove small particles from your water, leaving other impurities and toxic contaminants.

Improves Water Taste

The high-tech processes, chemicals, and applications used by a local utility company in Flagstaff, AZ, to eliminate waste, harmful bacteria, and other toxic materials can benefit your water supply.

However, chemical residues can leave the water with an unpleasant aftertaste. That is where water filtration systems come in. They quickly and safely remove those chemical residues leaving the water with a pleasant taste and good smell.

Saves You Money

Investing in a water filtration system can rapidly save you the cost of bottled water. A gallon of tap water costs less than a penny, but bottled water costs 300 times more. Filtration of the tap water will only add about 2 cents to the total cost of tap water.

Helps Improve Your Eco-credentials

As mentioned earlier, buying bottled water increases your consumption of plastic bottles. Continued usage of several large plastic bottles drastically adds to your household’s plastic recycling challenge.

Switching to glass bottles can mitigate the issues but require energy-intensive recycling. Investing in water filtration systems remains the perfect option as it allows homeowners to purify and cleanse water running from the tap.

A Filter Provides First-line Defense Against Toxins

Over 120 toxins have been reported to be present in water. Cryptosporidium, a dangerous parasite that causes gastrointestinal discomfort and sickness, is the most common one.

Water utility companies continue to invest in technologies and systems to eliminate these parasites from public water. However, having your water filtration system offers extra front-line defense.

Easy Maintenance

Some customers may think that the servicing involved in keeping the systems running is time-consuming and expensive. This is because of the diversity of water filter products on the market.

The truth is modern water filtration systems are more efficient and can self-regulate. This is made easy by the sensors and automation that detect when replacement and servicing are needed.

A word of caution, though; once you have invested in a professional water filtration system, these systems need some level of maintenance periodically. Depending on the type, the systems can operate for 3, 6, or even 12 months without requiring any maintenance practice. It can be changing a filter cartridge or a light bulb in your UV filter.

Purified Water Can Benefit Your Health

Water containing unwanted additives such as chlorine and lead is unfit for consumption. Studies have shown that water chemicals are responsible for certain cancers.

The pure the water, the greater the peace of mind. If you have young children, getting a water filter should be a top priority to safeguard their health.

Another additional advantage of purified water is that it tastes delicious. Users are encouraged to drink more, resulting in improved health.

You Will Need Professional Plumbing Service Provider

Easy or zero installation of water filtration systems might sound fantastic, but they are not that easy to mount. An installation guide from the manufacturer company might not be enough to help with the installation steps.

Contracting a professional plumber to help with the installation is wise. You will have saved yourself from the unnecessary pressure of mastering steps.

Again, the professional installer ensures everything is done right, preventing the breaking down of the system months after the installation, and guarantees success.

Reach Out to Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Prescott for Clean Water Solutions

If you are tired of consuming hard water, a filtration system may be your answer. You owe yourself and your loved ones clean and pure water.

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Prescott, serving Flagstaff, AZ, we have a variety of water filtration systems for your home. We can also handle all your plumbing concerns and install your plumbing fixtures. Contact us today.

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