Getting To Know A Trustworthy Plumber Near Me In | Prescott, AZ

It takes time to get to know a person or a company that provides important services. You get to know how they handle tough situations, whether they’re reliable, punctual, smart about their work. When you’re looking for a plumber near me in Prescott, AZ, we suggest you take the time to get to know Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Prescott, the punctual plumber and so much more.

Our values, experience, and straightforward business practices make it easy to call us in plumbing emergencies and trust both the work and a fair cost. The same goes for major and minor repairs, remodeling services, and updates like kitchen faucets and garbage disposals. When you get to know us, you can say “I know a plumber near me in town that takes good care of my house and family.” You deserve service from someone you know.

Emergency Plumbing Shouldn’t Be “Strangers in the Night”

Remember the old tune by that name? For many people, strangers in the night takes on a different meaning when they have a toilet overflow or broken faucet spraying water. They call whoever they can find. They don’t know the person, the company, or how the visit is going to turn out. When you call us for a visit from a plumber near me in the middle of the night, you know what you’re getting.

Since we’re the punctual plumber, you won’t stay up waiting and wondering when someone will arrive. On our next routine visit for a faucet repair or toilet fix, ask our plumber where the main shutoff is, and even where valves are to shut off toilets and sinks. We can make sure they’re in good shape and easy to turn, and as we’re responding you can avoid further water damage. Working together, having a plumber near me in town can help make owning your Prescott, AZ home an empowering experience.

Plumbing as Interior Decorating

Ok, that’s a bit of a stretch, but you’d be surprised what installing new fixtures, especially a kitchen sink and faucet, can do for your Prescott, AZ home. New styles can update kitchens and bathrooms, adding functionality that wasn’t available the last time you had the fixture installed. Water-saving touchless faucets click on automatically when you put a toothbrush underneath, then pause the water while you brush, and come back on when you rinse. Over a year, that adds up to a lot of water saved.

Toilets and shower heads are also available that save plenty of water, especially if you replace an old 5 gallon flush toilet with a modern 1.6. When the push for water savings began, the first economizing models didn’t perform that well, it’s true. Companies have had their scientists and designers at work creating new versions that give you a great shower. Toilets now use the reduced volume of flush water effectively, so you don’t just wind up flushing twice to do the job. As your trusted plumber near me in your speed dial, you can ask us anything about new fixtures and get the latest info!

Plumbing Inspections: When Going Looking for Problems Is a Good Idea

Normally, people don’t look for trouble, but the consequences of trouble finding you can be significant, so we like to find it first. That could be corroded pipes where a single leak is just the start of a pattern of leaks and more. Your water heater might be corroding, especially with hard water, and getting ready to burst a bit earlier than the replacement you’d planned. In fact, if the pressure and temperature relief valve hasn’t been checked, you could have double trouble and a major surprise. Small oversights like a garbage disposal and dishwasher installed improperly can lead to weird results where sink waste winds up in the dishwasher. It does happen, and definitely surprises homeowners.

Up on the roof or nearby you have a plumbing vent that helps your drains flow. If you’re getting gurgling and backups in sinks and toilets, especially on your home’s upper floor, it’s possible that the problem is a stopped up vent. Some customers have had repeated visits for drain clogs before some plumber realizes that a bird built a nest, or windblown debris is blocking the vent. Our experienced plumbers catch a lot of interesting issues during our plumbing inspections, and you can prioritize the ones you’re concerned about. As the plumber near me in town that you trust, you can have us take care of them, one at time, with clear explanations.

Leak Detection and Repair, the Art of Plumbing in Action

There are few plumbing services that take as much experience and artful skill to do right as leak detection. Even with today’s high-tech tools that help us hunt around using sound instead of saws and jackhammers, there are still many secrets to finding and fixing plumbing leaks. Listening for leak sounds in copper pipe can at times be straightforward, but the real skill comes when junctions, hangers, plastic pipes, and pipes underground are involved. Our amazing plumbers have seen a lot, so they have developed an understanding of where leaks tend to occur. They know to look for pipe corrosion if the leak source isn’t a one-off situation, helping you avoid multiple leaks and worse. When you call on a plumber near me in the area like us, we know local construction methods over the decades, which can also help us diagnose problems.

Counting on Your Plumber Near Me in Our Beautiful City

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Prescott, we’re the punctual plumber near me in your neighborhood that you can count on for advanced plumbing expertise. We arrive with a well-stocked vehicle so we can put most plumbing issues to rest in one visit. We’re available 24/7 when you need us, and glad to help you understand and plan for your home’s plumbing needs. Call today and get to know us!

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