Solve The Dangers Of Dirty Drains With A Drain Cleaning Service | Prescott Valley, AZ

Managing wastewater is one of the most important roles of your plumbing system. The role is played by the drainage system. Therefore, without a properly functioning drainage system, it is hard to imagine how you and your family would manage the wastewater produced in your house in Prescott Valley, AZ. However, it is important to note that your drainage system needs regular maintenance for it to continue performing at the top level. For instance, you need to work with a professional drain cleaning service to ensure your drainage system is professionally cleaned at least once per year. By cleaning your drainage system, you can improve your home’s hygiene standards and prevent some plumbing emergencies. On the other hand, neglecting your drainage system would negatively affect the performance of your drainage system and cause many other problems. But what exactly can go wrong if you decide to neglect your drainage system and fail to seek timely drain cleaning services?

You Might Have to Deal With Frequent Drain Clogs

The wastewater going down your drains carries a lot of other materials with it. For instance, it might contain hair, greases, soap scum, and even food particles. With time, these materials might stick to the sides of the drains and create a substance that might block the flow of wastewater through the drains. Unfortunately, this will cause the wastewater to back up toward your home, flood your bathroom, and make your sinks unusable. While you can try to resolve this issue with a plunger, this DIY solution rarely works, and when it does, the solution is only temporary. To prevent and resolve this issue decisively, you need to get your drainage system cleaned regularly by a professional drain cleaning service. This will ensure that the developing clogs are eliminated in the earliest stages of development to prevent nasty plumbing emergencies in your Prescott Valley, AZ, home.

Your House Might Suffer Structural Damage

The condition of your drain can have an impact on your home’s structural integrity. For instance, neglected drains are quite likely to get corroded and develop leaks. Unfortunately, this can have dire consequences on your home’s structure. For instance, if a leak develops under your home’s slab foundation, it can weaken the slab foundation and cause it to crack and shift. The shifting slab foundation might then cause the walls of your home to crack and crumble. In a nutshell, neglecting your drains could lead to issues that might force you to seek expensive structural repairs. On the other hand, by keeping your drains in good shape, with the help of a professional drain cleaning service, you can prevent plumbing issues that might compromise your home’s structural integrity.

The Lifespan of Your Plumbing System Will Decline

Your drainage system is extremely durable, but it will not last forever. Therefore, there will come a time you will need to replace it. However, given the cost of repiping your home, you do not want to replace your plumbing system sooner than expected. But if you neglect your drain system, you will expose it to conditions that will cause it to deteriorate rapidly, forcing you to replace it much sooner than the manufacturer projected. The good news is that such an eventuality can be avoided if you simply invest in regular drain cleaning services. Keeping your drain in good shape will go a long way in protecting the drains against issues such as corrosion, meaning that it might help you add a few years to the life of your plumbing system.

Your Family’s Health Will Be Affected

As a caring homeowner, you do everything possible to keep your family healthy. For instance, you get them a balanced diet and schedule regular medical checkups. However, no matter what you do, neglecting your drains can easily frustrate the effort you make to keep your family healthy. This can be explained in several ways. For instance, neglected drains can leak and create dampness that might lead to mold infestation, which might compromise your indoor air quality and make your family ill. Besides, neglected drain harbor drain pests that might carry parasites, which might also put your family’s health at risk. Last but not least, dirty drains are known to provide an excellent environment for bacteria and viruses to thrive. Unfortunately, these pathogens can spread quickly and contaminate your food and water, making your home an extremely unhealthy dwelling for you and your family. On the other hand, by seeking timely drain cleaning services, you can eliminate the conditions that favor the development of drain pests and pathogens, and this might have the effect of improving your family’s health.

Foul Odors Will Fill Your Home

Dirty drains can be a source of stubborn foul odors in your house. This is because they can provide a perfect environment for bacteria to thrive. As the bacteria break down the organic material in the wastewater, they can produce an unpleasant smell that will eventually find its way to the rest of your house. Unfortunately, even if you apply air fresheners or try to keep your windows open, this odor will not go away unless you deal with its source. The good news is that you can prevent or even eliminate such foul odors by getting your drains cleaned professionally on a regular basis by a professional drain cleaning service.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is apparent that for you to keep your plumbing system working optimally and protect your family from some illness, you need to get your drainage system cleaned regularly by a professional drain cleaning service provider. If you are looking for a plumbing contractor licensed to offer professional drain cleaning services in and around Prescott Valley, AZ, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Prescott is your best bet. We have been taking care of residential drainage systems for many years, and we are a household name in our community. Get in touch with us to learn more about our company and services.

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