Top Shower Heads in 2022: A Guide From Your Trusted Plumber | Flagstaff, AZ

Showering goes back to ancient times; the original showers were waterfalls that were neither artificial nor indoor structures. Over the years, people have relied on different types of shower heads. Nowadays, there is a diversity of shower heads ranging from simple handheld to gushing waterfalls and smart showers.

Whether you are installing a new shower head or want to remodel your bathroom by replacing the old one, there are a lot of new and exciting showers to choose from in the market today. To assist you in making an informed decision, this blog highlights some of the most common types of showers and their pros and cons. It is also wise to seek professional advice from a licensed plumber near you.

Mixer Showers

This conventional type of shower is prevalent in most homes today. The mixer shower draws water from both cold and hot water outlets and mixes it. At the optimum temperature you set, this unit sends the mixed hot and cold water via the shower head. Although some diverse water systems may function with any system, some are suitable for either low-pressure or high-pressure water systems and not both.

Just like any other system, a mixed shower has its drawbacks. A significant disadvantage of installing units is that the plumber connects them to the pipes that also supply water to other points in your bathroom.

Hence, using the other points in your bathroom simultaneously with the shower will affect the shower water flow rate. This can result in a sudden increase or decrease in the temperature of the water from your shower outlet.

Power Showers

Power showers are also referred to as pumped showers. These showers are convenient for low-pressure water systems since they are built with a pump. This shower is ideal since the built-in pump automatically pumps water to your home at a gusty speed. The power showers are perfect for almost all gravity-fed systems where cold and hot water inlets are available.

This type of shower’s primary disadvantage is its water consumption tends to be very high. Also, the plumber installs and repairs them at a high cost.

Electric Showers

Electric showers are suitable for all homes since they have a built-in system that heats the water. This feature enables homeowners to enjoy a hot or lukewarm shower any time of the day, even with a cold water supply. Another significant benefit of these showers is that you can still enjoy a bath at your desired temperature level, even when your boiler breaks down.

Electric showers are more energy efficient than other showers since they do not require heating a whole tank of water. Since the water for the shower outlet is heated when only needed, there is less energy waste.

However, compared to the power showers, the water flow of the electric ones is weaker. Also, they tend to build up lime scales. In addition, electric showers may not be the best choice for homeowners in Flagstaff, AZ, with lower pressure water systems or hard water problems.

Digital Showers

Digital showers are an innovative advancement from the power, electric, and mixer showers. They are eco-friendly, user-friendly, and use the most recent technology. You can personalize the setting on the dashboards to fit your desired functionality. For example, you can choose your shower experience from temperature, volume, and water pressure.

Unlike conventional showers, digital ones have an in-built digital thermostat inside the shower unit. You can remotely control the temperature and water flow from a separate control unit.

Electric showers are a better choice for homeowners in Flagstaff, AZ, who want to safeguard their families against thermal shock or scalding. Also, they present a minimal design aesthetic, making for a space-saving, stylish addition to your bathroom.

Prefabricated Showers

A prefabricated shower is a budget-friendly option if you consider installing a new shower or renovating an old one because it comes in one single unit, which is very easy to install and you may not need to involve a plumber.

They have all the typical shower fittings. Also, they include bare shelves, wall panels, and grab bars; in some cases, they may also have in-built seats.

However, since they are pre-made, they offer you limited creative freedom when designing your showers.

Custom Showers

As the name suggests, a professional plumber usually builds this type of shower to the homeowner’s custom specifications. Custom showers are typically made out of porcelain tile and natural stone.

One significant advantage of custom showers is that they can be made into any shape, size, and form you desire. When built with suitable premium materials, these showers can increase your home’s resale value. However, they are costly to install.

Bathtub-Shower Combinations

These types of showers have standard types of bathtubs at the base. They save on space and maximize utility by serving as showers and bathtubs. The faucets in your tub control the water flow of your bathtub and the shower.

If you’ve kids or a small bathroom, you can contact a local plumber to help you mount this type of showerhead in your bathroom.

Body Shower

The body shower is ideal if you want a spa treatment in the comfort of your home. These showers are designed so that there are multiple water outlets spraying water all over your body from different angles.

Some of them can even combine the tower shower with other fittings. The body showers come with multiple settings, such as mists and massage. Another significant benefit of these showers is that you can adjust the water pressure to your desired point.

However, if you especially like to take very lengthy showers, you will experience high water usage. To enjoy the benefits of a body shower, you can hire a plumber to mount this shower head in your house.

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