Why Annual Drain Cleaning Service Is A Must-Have | Prescott Valley, AZ

If you are a homeowner in Prescott Valley, AZ, you probably know that you need to take good care of your plumbing system for it to continue serving you without any interruptions. One of the things you need to do in this regard is to get your drains cleaned often. Clean drains operate optimally, and they will ensure that the wastewater produced in your home is discharged quickly. On the other hand, if you do not clean your drains regularly, you will have to deal with many plumbing issues, including drain clogs and slow drains.

However, you should fight the temptation to dry DIY drain cleaning. This is because commercial cleaning solutions are quite corrosive, and they could hurt you and even take a toll on your plumbing system. Therefore, you need to have a professional drain cleaning service provider who can help you clean your drains professionally at least once per year. Below is a rundown of the reasons we believe annual drain cleaning is essential in every home.

Eliminate and Prevent Foul Odors

Every home in Prescott Valley, AZ has a unique odor. However, it is obvious that you would not enjoy spending your time in a foul-smelling home. But if you fail to seek timely drain cleaning service, foul odors are a reality you will unfortuantely have to deal with.

But why are dirty drains smelly? If you do not seek timely drain cleaning services, your drains will become a perfect habitat for bacteria to thrive. As these microorganisms digest the organic materials available in the drains, they can produce a foul smell that will gradually spread to the rest of your house.

Some homeowners try to deal with this issue by keeping their windows open or applying air fresheners. However, foul odors can be hard to fight without addressing their source. The good news is that by simply hiring a professional drain cleaning service to get your drains cleaned at least once per year, you can eliminate and even prevent foul odors in your house and consequently keep your home smelling nice and fresh.

Protect Your Plumbing System

Modern plumbing systems are known to be extremely durable. However, their longevity still depends on how they are used and taken care of. If you do not clean them often, they will become more exposed to corrosive elements that might wear down your plumbing system and significantly reduce its lifespan. Besides, dirty drains are associated with frequent clogs, which can put your pipes at risk of bursting.

On the other hand, keeping your drains clean will ensure they are always working optimally and minimize their exposure to corrosive elements since the dirty water and all its contents will flow out quickly. Therefore, hiring a professional drain cleaning service to keep your drains in good shape will go a long way in protecting your plumbing system and improving its longevity.

Prevent Some Plumbing Emergencies

We all hate plumbing emergencies because they can be expensive and inconvenient. Therefore, it is important to take the necessary precautions to prevent them from occurring. Cleaning your drains with the assistance of a professional drain cleaning service is one of the steps you can take to this end. This is because neglected drains are quite likely to develop issues such as drain clogs and leaks. Besides, if you do not keep your drains clean, they might be at risk of bursting. On the other hand, by hiring a professional plumber to keep your drains clean, you can keep your drains working optimally, which would minimize the risk of some plumbing emergencies.

Improve Your Family’s Health

Did you know that the condition of your drains can have an impact on your family’s health? Indeed, dirty drains can harbor pathogens such as bacteria and fungi. Unfortunately, these pathogens can spread quickly, and contaminate your food, water, and air, putting your family at risk of getting seriously ill. On the other hand, by hiring a professional drain cleaning service to clean your drains annually, you can eliminate the conditions that favor the growth of bacteria and fungi in your drains and minimize your family’s exposure to disease-causing pathogens. In other words, a clean drainage system will go a long way in improving your family’s health status.

Protect Your Home

Neglected drains can pose a serious threat to the structural integrity of your Prescott Valley, AZ house. For instance, as mentioned above, they are quite likely to leak. Unfortunately, leaking drains, if not detected and fixed on time, can cause serious water damage.

For example, if a leaking pipe is buried within or under your home’s slab foundation, it can weaken the concrete slab and even affect the structure of the soil on which your house stands. This would then cause your home’s slab foundation to shift and crack. If nothing is done to resolve the issue on time, the walls of your house might start to crack and crumble. In the end, failure to work with a professional drain cleaning service to take care of your drainage system might cost you a lot of money in structural repairs.

On the other hand, keeping your drains clean with the help of a professional drain cleaning service will keep your drains running optimally, which would reduce the risk of leaks and consequently protect your home against water damage.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, it is apparent that the importance of annual drain cleaning in your house cannot be overstated. This is because dirty drains can lead to several serious plumbing, structural, and even health issues. If you are looking for a reliable plumbing service to help you take care of your drains, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Prescott is the answer. We have been cleaning drains for a long time, and you can trust us to do a perfect job. Feel free to get in touch with us today to learn more about our company and services.

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