Averting Hot Water Burns By Having A Plumber Near Me Install Anti-Scald Devices | Prescott Valley, AZ

Can you imagine being forced to shower under freezing water on a winter morning? Couldn’t that be only explained as overly inconveniencing and discomforting at best? To prevent this, homeowners should enlist the assistance of a plumber near me in Prescott Valley, AZ for a routine inspection and maintenance of their water heating systems. Unfortunately, not all water heater issues will result in it not releasing hot water. Sometimes, the water heater might pour unexpectedly scalding hot water. Imagine waiting to wash your hands at a sink only for almost boiling water to gush out of the faucet. Wouldn’t you almost certainly sustain burns? It doesn’t have to be like this. You can have a water heater repair technician install anti-scald devices on your water heater to ensure that heated water never becomes that hot.

What Is an Anti-Scald Device?

An anti-scald device is a safety component that a plumber near me can install on a water heater to prevent the water from getting overly hot, protecting you from scalding injuries caused by hot water. Scalding injuries occur when the skin comes into contact with water that is too hot and can cause painful burns. An anti-scald device limits the water temperature to a safe level, typically no more than 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This is important because the water temperature in a standard water heater can reach as high as 140 degrees Fahrenheit, which can cause serious burns in just a few seconds.

There are different anti-scalding devices that a plumber near me can install on a water heater. However, the most common include thermostatic mixing valves and tempering valves. Both devices are installed in the hot water supply line and are designed to mix cold water with hot water before it leaves the heater. This helps reduce the water’s temperature and makes it safer for use. Some water heaters also have built-in anti-scalding devices, such as temperature and pressure relief valves.

Keeping Your Kids Safe with Anti-Scald Devices

Do you have young children in your family? If you do, you want to ensure that your home is perfectly safe. Although most homeowners focus on covering the sharp corners, electrical outlets, and furniture securing,

water safety is often forgotten. Although water is inherently risky, hot water carries more immediate and far-reaching dangers. Countless kits are rushed to emergency rooms because of scalds and severe burns caused by bathing in hot showers. This may be in a bathroom or even water filled in a tub. Fortunately, you can have a professional plumber near me in Prescott Valley, AZ install an anti-scald device in your hot water plumbing to prevent this. These components prevent the water heater from overheating or mixing the hot water with cold water to ensure that you don’t suffer severe burns if the water is too hot.

Whole-House Solutions

Anti-scalding devices, also called tempering or mixing valves, play an important role in ensuring the safety of hot water in the home. The recommended safe temperature for children is between 37-38°C. These devices work by mixing hot and cold water in a chamber, allowing for precise control over the temperature of the water in the home. Having a plumber near me install an anti-scald device on a water heater protects children, vulnerable individuals, and the entire household. However, it’s important to note that while manually setting the temperature on a water heater to a lower setting is an option, it is not recommended to go below 49 degrees Celsius to avoid the growth of bacteria such as legionella. An anti-scalding device is a great solution as it maintains the water in the tank at a safe temperature for bacteria prevention while also preventing scalding incidents. Hence, protect your children by enlisting a plumber near me to install anti-scald devices in your hot water plumbing.

For Your Shower

If a plumber near me installs an anti-scalding device on the hot water line, it may not be suitable for everyone. Consider purchasing a shower head specifically designed to maintain a steady water temperature. These shower heads usually come equipped with a thermostatic mixing valve or a pressure-balanced valve that ensures hot and cold water are properly mixed, resulting in a comfortable water temperature. This is an excellent alternative to installing a whole-house anti-scalding system. These shower heads are great for those who want to avoid the cost and hassle of installing an anti-scalding device on the entire home.

Tub Safety

Bathtime is often a delightful and playful moment for young children. However, it can be dangerous if proper safety measures are not taken. As kids grow, they may become curious and try to manipulate the water temperature, which can lead to accidents. To avoid this, enlisting a plumber near me in Prescott Valley, AZ to install an anti-scald device is crucial in preventing children from adjusting the water temperature to dangerous levels above 37-38°C. This is just one aspect of bathroom safety. Parents should also take additional steps to keep their children safe, such as keeping bath products out of reach, placing non-slip mats in the tub, and covering sharp edges.

Don’t Forget Sinks

Many parents may overlook that the sink is one of the places where children have unsupervised access to hot water. To safeguard against burns, you must hire a plumber near me to install anti-scald faucets in high-use areas such as the bathroom and kitchen. These rooms are frequently used, making them the riskiest areas for children. Avoid potential hazards by being proactive and taking preventative measures. Parents can rest assured that their children will be protected from hot water burns by installing anti-scald faucets.

Scalding doesn’t only affect children. No matter the age, you can be burned by the water. Hence, take a preventative and proactive step towards preventing this. Contact us at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Prescott to keep your hot water system safe.

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