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How many times have you put your peace of mind on the line due to overlooked drain cleaning needs?

Welcome to Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Prescott, the answer to all your plumbing woes. 

We are your one-stop solution for comprehensive drain cleaning in the heart of Prescott, AZ, offering you an array of services that ensure your home’s plumbing system remains in peak condition. 

Our mission? 

To make your everyday life less about worrying over pipes and drains and more about enjoying your homely comforts.

Imagine this – you’re caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life, and the last thing on your mind is the intricate network of pipes that makes your home livable. 

Well, that’s precisely where we come in. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Prescott offers not just solutions but also the assurance of an efficient, problem-free home. 

Consider us your plumbing guardians, ready to swoop in at the first sign of trouble!

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Common Problems Associated with Blocked Drains | Drain Cleaning
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Common Problems Associated with Blocked Drains

When you encounter a blocked drain, it’s like walking into an unwelcome mystery. 

What’s the cause? 

How severe is it? 

What kind of damage can it do? 

Blocked drains can spawn a whole array of problems, from unsettling health hazards to heart-breaking property damage.

Each situation is unique. 

It could be intrusive tree roots making themselves at home in your pipes. 

Or perhaps your pipes have given in to the pressures of time, resulting in collapse. 

And then, there are the real puzzlers – those unexpected, non-soluble foreign objects that somehow find their way into your drainage system. 

In such a maze of potential problems, you need a reliable guide who knows the terrain like the back of their hand. 

That’s us – your dependable team at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing.

Our approach goes beyond just fixing the problem. 

We believe in understanding it first. 

We’re like detectives, piecing together the clues to form a clear picture of the local drain issues. 

And armed with this knowledge, we devise strategies that are as unique as the problems themselves. 

The result? Effective drain cleaning solutions that offer not just relief, but also the reassurance of a job well done.

So, why put up with plumbing problems when you can have them solved by the best? 

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Prescott, we’re always ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work. 

After all, your peace of mind is our top priority!

Don’t let stubborn clogs ruin your day. Call 928-235-4913 for reliable and efficient drain cleaning.

Why Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is Your Top Choice for Drain Cleaning
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Why Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is Your Top Choice for Drain Cleaning

What sets us apart? 

Well, at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, you’re more than a name on an invoice. 

You’re a valued part of our community, a neighbor we’re honored to serve. 

Our team of professionals, armed with the latest tools and the most cutting-edge techniques, are like the Navy SEALs of plumbing and drain cleaning, guaranteeing quality and efficiency in every mission they undertake.

Transparency and punctuality are the pillars of our service. 

Ever been stood up by a plumber who promised to be there first thing in the morning, only to turn up just in time for dinner? 

Frustrating, right? Not with us! 

We hold our word sacred, which is why we proudly offer an on-time guarantee for our service. 

When we say we’ll be there, we’ll be there. 

No ifs, ands, or buts about it. After all, your trust is our topmost priority.

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Understanding the Drain Clearing Process | Drain Cleaning
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Understanding the Drain Clearing Process

Ever wondered what happens when we show up to tackle a blocked drain? 

Well, let us pull back the curtain for you. 

One of our go-to techniques is drain snaking, a method as intriguing as it sounds.

Imagine your drain as a maze, and the blockage as an uninvited guest who just won’t leave. 

The drain snake is like our secret agent, stealthily navigating the twists and turns to oust the unwelcome intruder. 

It involves feeding a sturdy, flexible cable through the pipes to dislodge blockages and restore order.

This method has won hearts (and drains) around the globe for its effectiveness. 

Not to mention, it’s eco-friendly, as it doesn’t rely on harsh chemicals that can harm our beloved planet. 

And forget about the mess and disruption of extensive excavation – our drain snaking approach is neat and tidy, minimizing any disturbance to your home or yard.

So, you see, choosing Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for your drain cleaning needs is not just a smart decision – it’s a guarantee of top-tier service, punctuality, transparency, and an eco-friendly approach that respects both your property and our planet. 

Now, who wouldn’t want that?

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Our Specialized Bio-Ben Drain Clearing Service

Ever imagined an army of microorganisms ready to do your bidding? 

Well, that’s what Bio-Ben drain clearing is all about. Imagine a horde of Pac-Man-like critters, chomping away at organic blockages in your pipes. 

This innovative, game-changing approach harnesses the power of nature, using microorganisms – think of them as friendly bacteria – that feast on the gunk clogging up your drains. 

They’re like the superheroes of the microscopic world, fighting the good fight to keep your pipes flowing freely.

But here’s the kicker: 

This method is as kind to the environment as it is to your drains. 

No nasty chemicals that could harm our planet. 

No potential pollution nightmares. 

Just Mother Nature’s own soldiers, doing what they do best. Fast, effective, and eco-friendly – what’s not to love?

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Residential Drain Cleaning Solutions
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Residential Drain Cleaning Solutions

Let’s face it, every home is unique, and so is its plumbing system. 

From the grime-catching shower drain to the ever-busy toilet waste pipes, each part of your home’s plumbing has its own tale to tell. 

That’s why we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. 

What we do believe in, though, are bespoke solutions tailored to meet every kind of internal blockage head-on.

Our objective? 

To prolong the life of your appliances and ensure your plumbing system operates at its peak. 

Imagine your house as a living, breathing entity, with the plumbing system as its arteries. 

Just as a healthy heart ensures a healthy body, a well-functioning plumbing system ensures a happy home. 

And that’s exactly what we’re here to deliver.

Don’t let stubborn clogs ruin your day. Call 928-235-4913 for reliable and efficient drain cleaning.


When Hydro-Jetting Becomes Necessary

There comes a time when conventional methods just don’t cut it, a time when you need to bring out the big guns. 

That’s where hydro-jetting comes into play. 

Picture a high-pressure water jet, slicing through stubborn blockages like a hot knife through butter.

Sounds extreme, doesn’t it? 

But rest assured, this isn’t a reckless assault on your pipes.

Far from it. 

Our trained professionals handle this powerful tool with utmost care and precision, ensuring your plumbing system remains intact while those pesky blockages are blasted away.

You see, at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, we’re not just about fixing problems. 

We’re about providing solutions that are as effective as they are environmentally responsible. 

From microscopic soldiers to high-pressure water jets, we have a full arsenal at our disposal to keep your drains clear and your home happy. 

After all, your satisfaction is our victory.

Don’t let stubborn clogs ruin your day. Call 928-235-4913 for reliable and efficient drain cleaning.

Dealing with Delicate and Aged Drains | Drain Cleaning
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Dealing with Delicate and Aged Drains

You know what they say, “Every home has its quirks,” and let’s be honest, this applies to your plumbing system too. 

Got an aging Victorian beauty or a sleek, modern villa? 

Either way, the uniqueness of your home extends to the twists and turns of its pipes. 

Picture the labyrinthine passages of a grand old castle – that’s your historic home’s plumbing. 

Conversely, envision the sleek and efficient transport systems of a space station, which mirror the plumbing in your contemporary abode.

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, we see this uniqueness not as a challenge, but as an opportunity to flex our creative muscles. 

It’s about finding the best solutions tailored to your home’s individuality, be it repairing antique pipes with the delicacy of a watchmaker, or replacing outdated systems with modern, efficient counterparts. 

So, whether you’re preserving a piece of history or maintaining a symbol of modern architecture, we’ve got you covered.

Don’t let stubborn clogs ruin your day. Call 928-235-4913 for reliable and efficient drain cleaning.


Full-Service Drain Installation and Repair

There’s a lot more to plumbing than meets the eye. 

It’s not just about drain cleaning; it’s about providing comprehensive solutions that address every possible issue. 

Picture us as the Swiss Army knife of plumbing – equipped to handle everything, from fixing collapsed drains to installing brand new ones.

Whether we’re donning our hard hats to salvage what’s left of a fallen drain or rolling up our sleeves to put in place shiny, new pipes that meet modern standards, our commitment remains the same. 

We bring the same level of professionalism, dedication, and expertise to every job – no matter how big or small.

Don’t let stubborn clogs ruin your day. Call 928-235-4913 for reliable and efficient drain cleaning.

Rave Reviews: Hear it Straight from Our Valued Customers
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Rave Reviews: Hear it Straight from Our Valued Customers

Ever wondered what our clients say about us? 

Well, you’re about to find out. 

These reviews represent more than just positive feedback; they are a testament to our dedication, professionalism, and round-the-clock commitment to serving you. 

Each one stands as a shining endorsement of our promise to you, our valued customer, that we are always here to ensure your peace of mind.

Cherrie Whipple – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Aaron was very professional and up front about things I didn’t understand and will be back in the am. to replace the water tank and heat exchange plus check heat and air conditioning units too in the future. Very happy with Aaron’s work, neatness …”

Carrie Thompson – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “He did our annual maintenance. Very friendly, treated me like I was a good friend he had not seen in a while. He was knowledgeable, personable, on time, and did an excellent job. He explained things to me that I understood.”

Steve – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I can’t speak highly enough about Aaron and Garrett! They were not only on time but early. They were very clean with their work and careful to do things right. I had tried to get another plumber over but he was too busy. He gave me the …”

Check out our reviews here

Don’t let stubborn clogs ruin your day. Call 928-235-4913 for reliable and efficient drain cleaning.


Enjoy a Problem-Free Home with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

Has it ever struck you that a plumbing emergency is the ultimate party crasher? Imagine, there you are, basking in the quiet comfort of your home at 2 a.m., when suddenly, a rebellious toilet decides to overflow, or a sneaky drain staunchly refuses to do its job. 

Fear not! 

We at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing run a customer service operation that’s as tireless as your drains should be.

Our customer service lines are open round the clock, every day, all year round, holidays included (because let’s face it, drains don’t respect holidays). 

Picture us as your plumbing Batman, swooping in to save the day (or night), regardless of when trouble arises. 

We’ve got our plumbing capes ready and waiting to tackle any emergency callouts. 

When your home decides to play host to uninvited plumbing issues, remember we’re just a call away, anytime, any day.

Don’t let stubborn clogs ruin your day. Call 928-235-4913 for reliable and efficient drain cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions | Drain Cleaning
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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the signs I need professional drain cleaning?

There are many signs that your drains may need professional attention. 

These include slow draining, recurring clogs, multiple clogged drains, foul odor, or water flooding. 

If you experience any of these symptoms, it’s time to call in the pros.

  1. How often should I have my drains cleaned?

It’s advisable to have your drains professionally cleaned every 18-22 months, depending on your household’s usage. 

Regular drain cleaning helps maintain the efficiency of your drainage system and prevents serious blockages.

  1. How quickly can you respond to an emergency drain situation?

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, we operate a 24/7 emergency call-out service. 

We understand the importance of dealing with drainage issues promptly, so we aim to respond as swiftly as possible.

  1. How does Bio-Ben drain clearing work?

Bio-Ben is a unique biotechnology solution for drain cleaning. 

We introduce microorganisms into your drainpipes, and they eat away at the organic substances causing the blockage. 

It’s an environmentally friendly solution that can clear blockages in minutes.

  1. Can I prevent drain clogs?

Yes, there are steps you can take to prevent drain clogs. 

Avoid pouring grease or oil down the drain, be careful about what you put in your garbage disposal and install hair catchers in shower drains. 

Regular maintenance and professional drain cleaning also help keep clogs at bay.

Don’t let stubborn clogs ruin your day. Call 928-235-4913 for reliable and efficient drain cleaning.

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