Drain Cleaning Service Water Jetters Or Cable Machines? | Chino Valley, AZ

As a property owner, you might not be concerned about what type of equipment your drain cleaning service operates to clear drains of debris so long as they fix your slow drain or remove your clog. However, a professional plumbing company should feature a versatile array of equipment and techniques. Drains can become clogged with all sorts of debris. While water jetters are ideal for pushing grease out through the drain, they are not so good at getting rid of tree roots. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Prescott is a professional plumbing company that serves Chino Valley, AZ, with a complete range of plumbing solutions. We rely on many types of tools and equipment to perform our job. Our company routinely invests in high-quality equipment to ensure our plumbers have the best tools when serving our customers.

Hydro Jetters or Drain Cable Machines?

One of the many reasons is best to call in a professional plumber for drain cleaning service is because, ideally, they have different types of equipment to address different types of drain clogs. Moreover, they are well aware of the circumstances that suggest when one method is better than another for getting the job done. The two basic pieces of equipment used by plumbers to clean drains are hydro jetters (aka water jetters) and drain cable machines. Is one type better than the other?

Hydro Jetters / Water Jetters

Hydro jetters deliver powerful jets of water to the drain. Hydro jetting is commonly used by drain cleaning service providers in Chino Valley, AZ because it’s ideal for flushing sand out of the drain system. If you have a stubborn grease clog, hydro jetting is also the go-to solution. The high-pressure water not only cuts through grease that may be blocking the drain pipe, but it even scours it from pipe walls, flushing out of the property’s drains and into the city sewer system. If your home or commercial property has multiple slow drains (and the issue isn’t caused by a sewer line clog), hydro jetting is usually the right solution as it quickly and efficiently removes common types of drain-clogging debris.

Drain Cable Machines

A drain cleaning service frequently relies on drain cable machines to clear drains. Although cable machines are not ideal for removing grease, oil, or biofilm from drains, they are the ideal choice for removing tree roots or even foreign objects caught in the line. On the other hand, cable machines may not be ideal for drain lines with lots of bends. Fortunately, when you rely on Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Prescott, our plumbers know which type of equipment to use for the job.

More Tools of the Trade

When providing drain cleaning service, our plumbers may opt to use other types of tools and equipment depending on any issues they may find.

Hand-Held Drain Cleaner

If you have a clogged sink or laundry drain with lots of bends in the pipe system, our plumber might use a hand-held drain cleaner because it’s flexible and easy to maneuver through the line. This is an ideal option when the clog is close to the drain opening.

Water Ram

A water ram is like a powerful plunger, but it relies on compressed air to dislodge clogs. It’s a great tool most often used to clear clogs or slow drains in bathtubs and showers. While some plumbers might prefer to work with a snake or auger to clear these lines, it can be tough to get through the drum trap beneath the tub.

Closet Auger

Plumbers use a closet auger to get through toilet clogs. These tools are designed for use on toilets. They’re flexible but also strong. Some property owners purchase them at home improvement stores to have on hand, but you can damage your toilet or drains by using equipment you’re not trained to use properly. A drain cleaning service won’t harm your drains or plumbing fixtures when clearing clogs or cleaning pipes.

In-Line Camera

An in-line camera takes the guesswork out of clog removal. When a plumber encounters a clog that doesn’t respond to common cleaning solutions, an in-line camera may be needed. The plumber inserts the camera into the drain; it allows them to see what’s causing the blockage. If there’s a collapsed pipe, drain cleaning service won’t resolve the issue; you’ll need pipe repair or replacement.

Descaling Solutions

Some customers have hard water minerals built up within their drain pipes. Drain cleaning service with hydro jetting or augering doesn’t remove these minerals as effectively as a descaling treatment. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Prescott can provide descaling service if needed. These minerals could be the reason your drains are prone to clogs. As the mineral deposits build up in the pipes, they cause them to narrow. The result is slower drains and drains that are more likely to clog.

Any company that offers drain cleaning service to Chino Valley, AZ should have the right tools for the job. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Prescott relies on a wide range of professional plumbing equipment and tools to ensure we provide the outstanding service clients expect from a local plumbing leader. We know when the situation calls for a snake or a water jet. Plus, our plumbers are highly trained, so they know how to use all types of equipment safely. An inexperienced contractor could easily damage your drains using equipment they haven’t been trained to use properly.

Call us if you are experiencing slow drains or have a stubborn clog. If your drain system is prone to clogs, a thorough cleaning or descaling is the likely solution you need. We can efficiently clean your drains, leaving them scoured and less likely to clog. Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Prescott to schedule your appointment.

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