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According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), leaks in the average US home result in about 10,000 gallons of wasted water yearly. Besides water damage, plumbing leaks can lead to serious problems in the home if not fixed in time. For example, mold growth and furniture damage. Leaky pipes could also compromise the structural integrity of your house in the long run.

Preventing leaks may not be as straightforward as it looks, especially for a homeowner with little or no plumbing experience. Most leaks will be hidden as your plumbing pipes run behind the walls or the basement.

So, as a homeowner, you need to understand the possible causes of leaks in the home. That way, you can contact the plumber to come in and fix them immediately. Here is a list of the eight common causes of household plumbing leaks. Keep reading to learn.

Clogged Lines

Plumbing clogs are a common occurrence in most households. And as much as it may seem a minor, not-so-urgent issue, sometimes, a clog in the drain can cause your pipes to crack or even burst. If the blockage isn’t dealt with in time, pressure builds behind it, causing more water strain on the pipes, which may lead to potential structural damage.

One way to prevent your pipes from clogging is by hiring a licensed plumber in Prescott, AZ to install hair traps in your drains. Obstructions in your gutters may also cause blockages. So ensure you always keep them free of debris. Also, keep an eye on what you shove down the drain.

Corroded Pipes

Corrosion in your water and drain pipes is completely inevitable. Even if you insulate the metal to enhance its durability, you’ll eventually have corroded pipes as your plumbing ages.

Pipe corrosion occurs mainly due to an imbalance in the water’s pH level and mineral content. Rust and other corrosion can eat away at your pipes, causing them to develop pinholes that pave the way for water to escape.

If your plumbing system is old, consider getting a plumber for an upgrade. Generally, galvanized steel can last about 20 years, while brass pipes have a lifespan of around 70 years, beyond which they can start to fail. Your plumbing provider can also install a water treatment system to balance your water’s pH.

Broken or Worn-Out Seals

All plumbing doesn’t involve the use of metal piping. For instance, during appliance installation in your home, a contractor will put rubber seals around any water connector and in other areas, such as your dishwasher doors.

Over time, however, as the appliance ages, the seal can deteriorate or even break. You may identify a broken seal if you notice condensation on your appliances or puddles around them. In such a case, it would be wise to get in touch with a trained plumber to fix the issue immediately.

Damaged Pipe Joints

Often, the most vulnerable part of a pipe is where it connects to the other. Pipe joints comprise separate curved pieces attached to either side of straight pipes. Natural factors such as extreme temperature can cause the joints to degrade with time, leading to water leakage.

If you turn on hot water and hear a ticking or banging noise in your pipes, there’s a high chance your pipes are experiencing joint problems. Partner with a reliable plumber in Prescott, AZ who can inspect your plumbing at least once a year.

Incorrect Pipe Installation

Improper pipe placement is often the leading cause of most leaks that constitute an emergency. This is why a professional plumber should always do pipe installation. Plumbing systems work with the aid of gravity.

Thus, it’s paramount that your pipes and connectors are placed correctly, and backflow equipment is used as required. Scheduling regular plumbing tune-ups with a certified plumbing expert can help discover such problems early for rectification.

Intruding Tree Roots

While most common leaks occur inside the house, some start outside the home. Overgrown tree roots, for example, can have their way into your pipes, causing water to seep above the ground.

Suppose you notice sinkholes in your courtyard, a drop in water pressure, or you’ve trees growing near your house. In that case, the wisest thing to do is get a plumber to check for invasive tree roots.

Underground Movement

Besides tree root growth, small earthquakes and flooding may cause your pipes to shift position. In doing so, they could bend, twist, crack, or even separate, which presents a high potential for underground leaks.

If you’re experiencing slow drains or water supply issues, underground movements are likely the reason. You can avoid costly emergency repairs by contracting with a trusted plumbing company in Prescott, AZ for underground pipe maintenance.

High Water Pressure

Yes, high water pressure may feel perfect while taking a shower. However, the excessive pressure inside your pipes could eventually lead to leaks. In the worst cases, high or uneven water pressure can rupture pipes.

Most plumbing pipes and faucets are designed to handle only a certain amount of water pressure; beyond that and you’ll have to deal with leaks, which has never been a pleasant experience. So, should you be concerned about the water pressure in your home, reach out to a plumber for immediate help.

Fixture Cracks

A cracked faucet can lead to leaking inside the home. Your faucet can crack due to a typical physical effect, like when someone trips and holds their grip on it. Sometimes, it could happen out of sight.

For instance, under the sink, because of repeatedly stashing things in the cupboard. Contact a plumber to address the issue quickly when you notice any damaged fixture. You should also check the hoses behind your washing machine or dishwasher for any faults.

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