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Preventative maintenance is critical in preventing drainage and plumbing issues in general. One of the preventative maintenance services is drain cleaning. Regularly cleaning the drains, the smaller clogs forming are dislodged even before a problem arises. Thus, wastewater at your Chino Valley, AZ, home will flow to the municipal sewer without issues. When you have a drain cleaning service done regularly, and on time, you can avert issues such as a need for sewer repairs. Regarding drain cleaning, plumbing companies offer different services, including enzyme or bio cleaning, hydro jetting, power rodding, and snaking. In this article, we compare hydro jetting and power rodding to help you determine the method that best suits you.

When Is Hydro Jetting or Power Rodding Required?

Putting it shortly, you need either when your drains or sewer lines are clogged. But it is only sometimes apparent that you have a clog. Whenever you experience the issues below, you could have a clog requiring hydro jetting or power rodding drain cleaning service.

Sinks or Showers That Do Not Drain

Have you noticed it drains for several minutes for the sink or bathtub? If this is the case, you should have a plumber check them, as that isn’t normal. It is a surefire sign of a clog somewhere within the drains or deep in the sewer system. Unfortunately, some homeowners use chemical cleaners such as Drano, which might do more harm than good. Have the drains cleaned by a plumber.

Water Backing Up Into Your Tubs, Toilets And Sinks

Immediately you notice water backing up your tubs, sinks, or toilets, call a drain cleaning service provider. A large clog or tree roots might be overgrowing into your drain pipes, and the problem will only worsen.

A Clog Is Revealed After a Camera Inspection

When your plumber comes for a routine plumbing inspection, they might use the plumbing CCTV to inspect your pipes. The checkup might reveal there is a clog somewhere within your plumbing lines. Though you might not currently be experiencing plumbing issues, it only is a matter of time before the blockage starts affecting your plumbing.

Trees Near Your Drain or Sewer Lines

Are there large trees in your Chino Valley, AZ, home’s front yard? The roots from these trees may extend into the sewer pipes. Unfortunately, the roots may infiltrate the drain lines for moisture and nutrients in the wastewater, resulting in a clog. A plumber should be able to clear such clogs through power rodding when they come for a drain cleaning service.

What Is Hydro Jetting?

This method of drain cleaning involves removing pipe blockages using high, highly intense water pressure. Like pressure washing, a blast of water is forced out via a jet to dislodge and dissolve any accumulation of debris in the pipes.

Advantages of Hydro Jetting

Simultaneously Unclogs and Cleans Up Pipes

Not only does Hydro Jetting remove the clogs in the drains, but it also gives your pipes a deep clean. Unlike other methods, this drain cleaning service removes years of soap, hair, food particles, and even small tree roots.

A Long-Lasting Drain Cleaning Solution

Because hydro jetting gives your drains a deeper cleaning, unlike other drain cleaning methods, the outcome lasts longer. Thus, your plumbing system will remain clog-free longer before you need another drain cleaning, unlike in power rodding.

Disadvantages of Hydro Jetting

It is a Costlier Drain Cleaning Method

Although hydro jetting has a higher effectiveness, it is more complex. However, its results last longer, giving you a higher long-term value. However, it might not be the right solution if you want an economical fix. It has a higher out-of-pocket cost than other drain cleaning services like power rodding.

It isn’t Suitable For Old Pipes

Hydro jetting uses a highly powerful pressurized water jet to dislodge clogs and clean drains. Although this force can vary, it is too powerful for weak and old plumbing systems. Hence, using it in old pipes without inspecting them with a plumbing CCTV camera can result in even protracted problems. Thus, plumbers first inspect the status of the drains to see if they are a good candidate for this drain cleaning method.

What’s Power Rodding?

Also called sewer rodding, power rodding is another method of cleaning your drains that unclogs the piping using spinning metal cables to grind up the debris obstructing the piping. The rod grinds through the clogs, it pushes them via the pipes to ensure they are once again clear.

Power Rodding Advantages

More Affordable Compared To Hydro Jetting

Is budget the main determinant of the choice of drain cleaning service? Given these two options, power rodding will clean your drains at a lower cost than hydro jetting. However, the pipes might not be as clean.

Can Clear Even Large Roots

If the blockage is caused by tree root infiltration, then you can be sure power rodding will clear it. The rotating metal cable has enough power to cut through the roots. You might even find some plumbers use power rodding to clear root clogs, followed by hydro jetting to give your pipes a clean wash.

Extends the Service Life of Your Drain Pipes

Like any other drain cleaning service, power rodding will extend the service life of your pipes by removing clogs and eliminating the possibility of pipe bursts.

Power Rodding Disadvantages

Less Efficient Drain Cleaning Method

Power rodding is less effective than hydro jetting in cleaning the drains in your Chino Valley, AZ, home. This method is, however, effective if huge tree roots cause blockage.

It Has To Be Done Regularly

Since it is not as efficient as a hydro jetting drain cleaning service, it doesn’t leave your drains as clean. Hence, the underlying drain issues might arise again sooner, requiring another cleaning.

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