The Perks Of Having Your Septic Tank Pumped By A Professional Plumber Near Me In | Prescott Valley, AZ

As a homeowner, some services might not be on your mind, but they are essential to the comfort of your home. One of these services is regular septic tank pumping. This service offered by a plumber near me in Arizona is critical for properly maintaining your home. If not regularly maintained and cleaned by a professional near me, your septic tank can pose hazardous health issues for your loved ones and cause significant breakdowns around your home that are expensive to repair.

The frequency of your septic tank’s pumping depends on the tank size and the number of occupants in your home. Regardless of the impact of these two factors, a professional’s advice is to pump your septic tank at least once every three to four years. Therefore, this article will outline the significant benefits of having a professional plumber pump your septic tank.

Prevents Water Contamination

The water supply in most homes will vary between piped water from the city and getting water from a well. Regardless of your water source, you want the surety that your water is clean and free from contaminants. Fortunately for those whose water supply is from the city, it is rare for contaminants to find their way into the pipes, not unless there is an opening or a leakage in the piping system. Conversely, if you get water from a well, you are not as lucky. Neglecting your septic tank by not having regular pumping services from a plumber near me in Prescott Valley, AZ, can contaminate your home’s water supply.

A septic tank system is designed to keep the waste inside the tank but allows liquid waste to float to the surface. The floating waste is transported and filtered through the drain field before entering the groundwater.

However, if the tank is full, the waste clogs the drain system by being pushed to the drain field. Consequently, the waste is not correctly transported or filtered, thus allowing some waste and contaminants to pass through. Unfortunately, these contaminants may find their way into your underground water, contaminating your supply. However, using a professional plumber near me in Arizona to pump your tank regularly eliminates the possibility of this occurrence.

Protects the Environment

The one significant disadvantage of not having regular septic tank cleaning services for your home is that the only way you will know of your need for these services is when the septic tank overflows. When a septic tank overflows, its sewage flows through the ground, eventually reaching nearby lakes and ponds. Consequently, the sewage will end up in the water catchments in the area and get incorporated as part of the water.

The incorporation of sewage into the water systems of an area poses a significant danger to marine life by contaminating their habitat. In addition, the water is used to irrigate the crops and vegetation, making them toxic to humans and wildlife consuming these foods. Therefore, to avoid these harsh impacts on the environment, contact a plumber near me in Arizona to regularly pump your septic tank.

You can perform two basic tasks to determine if your septic tank is leaking. First, observe the grass around the tank. If it grows faster or greener than the rest of your compound, the sewer is fertilizing this area. The second indication of a leaking tank is the presence of damp spots or stagnant water around the septic tank.

Avoids Drain Backup

The other significant advantage of having regular septic tank pumping services is avoiding drain backups. During regular operation, when the septic tank is empty, wastewater from your house drains quickly and quietly. However, when your septic tank is close to its fill, the space where your drain water goes minimizes. Hence you find that the wastewater from your house does not drain as fast as it used. If the septic tank overflows, the wastewater will have nowhere to be drained. It will back up in the drains back into the house. Therefore, when your drains start to slow down or back up, do not ignore them, as it could indicate that your septic system needs to be checked. Therefore, contact a plumber near me in Arizona immediately to avoid escalating the problem.

Prevents Slow Toilet Flushing

A qualified plumber near me in Arizona will help you avoid slow toilet flushing and draining. When your toilet bubbles while flushing, can’t flush, or flushes slowly, your home might have a septic issue. It can also show that your septic tank is almost full, and the water has nowhere to go. Therefore, regardless of the cause, you will need a plumber near me in Arizona to investigate the issue and advise you on the best cause of action.

Avoid Unnecessary Expenses

When a septic tank overflows, it flows over your lawn, backs up into your home’s sinks and toilets, and causes unmanageable chaos in your home. It causes much damage to all the components the sewage encounters. This includes the vegetation on your lawn, the septic system, and on other occasions, the plumbing system. In addition to the damage it causes, you will still need to contact a plumber near me in Prescott Valley, AZ, to evaluate the system before going back to regular operation after pumping the septic tank.

Thus, you will need to dig deeper into your already strained finances to fix or replace damaged parts, clean your plumbing system and restore your lawn to its former condition. However, regular septic tank cleaning effectively avoids unnecessary repairs and replacements of components in your septic system.

Ensure Your Septic Tank Is Pumped Regularly

Nothing says home better than a clean, healthy environment. Septic tank pumping has many benefits for your home and the environment that will help you enjoy your time with your loved ones. To enjoy all these perks, contact us at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Prescott, your trusted plumber near me in Prescott Valley, AZ.

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