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Water has many outdoor uses, from car washing, carpet washing, irrigation, and watering your flowers to handwashing. For this reason, some homeowners install an outlet or spigot outside. However, it shouldn’t be that you must have a kitchen garden or a car to have a plumbing company help you install a spigot. It is generally a good practice to have water outside. However, spigots are of various sizes and types. Regardless, they all have the same purpose, allowing or limiting water flow. Some might have a thread that allows you to connect an adaptor for your hosepipe.

Why Install a Spigot Outside?

Prevent the Fur from Entering the Drains When Washing Your Dog Outside

Hair and fur are among many homes’ main causes of drain clogs. On the one hand, can you count the number of times you’ve muddied up your home with your dirty pet? Then you decided to wash them in your tub, only to spread the dirt everywhere. You can avert all these issues by enlisting a plumbing company to install a spigot outside. You can connect a hose and wash your pets without placing your plumbing under the danger of drain clogs.

You Can Now Wash Your Car

This makes sense, doesn’t it? After all, you cannot wash your car from inside your home. You can try connecting a hose from one of the faucets, but this would inconvenience other family members. Installing an outside spigot gives you a hassle-free way of cleaning your car. You only need to connect the hose and a jet to give your automobile a good wash. So, if you like cleaning your vehicle yourself at times, you should have a plumbing company add a spigot to your home.

For Easier Camping Cleanup

Are you a camper? Then you know the pain of cleaning all your equipment when you finally get home. From coolers, canopies, stoves and cookware to chairs, cots, and other items and equipment you use for camping, cleaning them indoors is outrightly challenging. Fortunately, you can ease this process by enlisting a plumbing company to install an outdoor hot water spigot and connect a hose. You can even extend the camping, knowing that cleaning them will take little time.

Watering Your Flowers Is a Breeze

Have you planted flowers around your home to add some beauty? Then you should have a plumbing company install an outdoor spigot that you can use to get water for watering them with ease. Connecting a hose to the spigot will provide better control than using a sprinkler.

Types of Water Spigots You Can Install Outside

Smart Spigots

Technology advancements have reached almost every industry, and the plumbing sector isn’t left behind. Today, you find smart appliances and fixtures great at controlling water flow or conserving the same. A smart spigot is one of the elegant plumbing fixtures you can install at home. It allows you to control the water flow remotely from your smartphone if you have over-the-surface and underground water tanks, you can use smart spigots to refill the former from the latter. You don’t need to look for the valves physically, turn them on for the water to refill from the underground tank. Do you have a greenhouse? A professional plumbing company can install a smart spigot on a timer to allow timely irrigation.

Lockable Spigots

You’d want a lockable outdoor spigot at your home for several reasons. However, the biggest reason could be to avoid accidental openings. If the spigot was to open when you aren’t home accidentally, there could be flooding and water damage all over your home unless you have installed a water safety system that can cut the water flow. Lockable fixtures have a simple slide that you lift to activate and down to close the valve. This prevents the accidental closing or opening of the spigot.

Do you have pets at your home? Then you should have the plumbing company install the outdoor spigot at an elevated point or install a lockable spigot as the pets might accidentally open it, resulting in water loss and damages. You could find a lockable spigot safer if you have children at your home. On top of the spigot, you should install some lockable structure. A genuine means that you will have a key that only a person with one can open the spigot. Hence, consider such factors before hiring a plumbing company to install this vital plumbing fixture.

Ball Valve Spigot

A ball valve spigot is simpler to use than most outdoor spigots. It is operated by a ball turning inside a valve instead of a screw thread that raises and lowers the valve to open and close. The ball has a hole in it, and as the spigot is opened further, the hole in the ball moves closer to the direction of water flow, allowing more water to flow. These spigots are popular with homeowners since they are less prone to leak and let wastewater into the home. Do you have water tanks outside? Then have a plumbing company install ball valve spigots.

Push Type Spigots

These are among the more useful kinds of outdoor spigots to use for hand-delivered nutrient dosing. Do you have a kitchen garden or a greenhouse in your compound? Push-type spigots are among the most practical outdoor spigots you can use. You can easily attach a spigot to a bucket or a drum and use it to release different chemicals you might want to use in your greenhouse or garden.

Do you have an outdoor spigot at your home? If you do, you understand the convenience level they bring around. If you don’t have one, you might want one installed for the above reasons. Contact us at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Prescott to book a spigot installation service.

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